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The UK directory of Electric Vehicle charge points.

There are a number of charge points listed on other web sites and chat rooms that don't actually exist.  They may once have existed, or they may have been subject to speculation which has been misinterpreted.  In order  to prevent confusion, and so that users don't (in good faith) try and enter details of such points  into the database (simply because they've read of them elsewhere) then these notes are provided of fictional charge points:

  • Westminster Council have sold the Rochester Row Car park for redevelopment and so the corresponding database entry (35118) has been removed.
  • The Sunday Times of June 22nd 2008 reported that charge points were available in various locations including: Birmingham, Cambridge, Sheffield and the Isle of Wight which are not registered on the EV Network.  All the councils mentioned have been approached by us for an update on their provision and their responses are awaited.  Cambridge Council have confirmed to the EV Network that they are working on a project for 4 car points divided equally between two car parks, but that none are yet installed.  We've seen no evidence that the other councils mentioned have, or are even planning to have, charge points. 
  • Greenwich - The charge points at Sainbury's in Bugsbys Way have been reinstated nearer to the building. April 2008.
  • Greenwich - The charge points at Sainbury's in Bugsbys Way have been removed following repeated vandalism.  September 2007.
  • Inverness - Exchanges of e-mails with the council in Inverness have failed to find any evidence of public charge points in Inverness.  Now believed to be an internet myth where a comment on where points might be situated at low cost becoming exaggerated into a report on the existence of points.  April 2007. 
  • Kwik-Fit - no branch of Kwik-Fit provides facilities to charge electric vehicles.  They used to provide them in some London branches but don't now.  Confirmed by e-mail from Kwik-Fit HQ 15th March 2007.

Last updated January 30th, 2008.

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