EV Network UK
The UK directory of Electric Vehicle charge points.

Links to Other UK EV Resources

Charge Point Manufacturers

Other EV Resources

  • pluginsure

    The UK’s first and only dedicated Electric Vehicle Insurance Price Comparison Website.

General EV sites

  • Battery Vehicle Society

    The Battery Vehicle Society (BVS) promotes the wider use of electric vehicles, has a bimonthly magazine, and both regional and national events.

  • Battery Vehicle Society Forum

    An on-line forum associated with the Battery Vehicle Society (BVS) but not requiring BVS membership.

Sites on Specific EVs / Owners Clubs

The Enfield was probably the most significant UK EV of the 1970s.

UK EV Agents / Distributors

  • GoinGreen

    GoinGreen distribute REVA electric vehicles (known as the G-Wiz in the UK) currently the best selling UK EV.

  • NICE

    The NICE (No Internal Combustion Engine) city car is based on a French AIXAM quadricycle.

  • Twike

    The Twike 3 wheeler is available in purely electric or hybrid (electric and pedal) versions.

  • XERO

Xero Technology Ltd designs and develops advanced technology in Zero emission Vehicles.

ZEPII (Zero Emissions Plug It In) electric scooters

Updated December 18th 2010.
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