EV Network UK
The UK directory of Electric Vehicle charge points.

The following downloads are available to non-members:

  • PoI file for TomTom SatNav equipment to enable the user to locate charge points.  Clicking on the +TomTom image will install the required files directly to the user's TomTom device. Once installed the user will be able to locate charger points, navigate via charge points, and be advised on charge pintys nearby when driving.


  • Alternatively if your SatNav uses TomTom formatted files, but is not a TomTom device, then you may be able to install the files by unzipping this file onto your device.  On a TomTom device the files would generally be placed in the directory that contains the national map set.  TomTom non-member zip file




  • Business cards to pass EV Network contact details to EV-friendly businesses who may wish to register as Business Members.  Business members (such as Public Houses) register to provide charging facilities in exchange for providing some goods or service (e.g. buy a meal and charge while you eat). Business Cards


Last updated: April 26th 2011.


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