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The UK directory of Electric Vehicle charge points.

Welcome to the Electric Vehicle (EV) Network!

The EV Network serves electric vehicle owners by providing a directory of charge points where such vehicles may be charged.  Drivers of conventional petrol or Diesel vehicles have the use a wide network of commercial filling stations, but prior to the EV Network many owners of EVs were only able to charge their vehicles at their own homes.  The EV Network encourages the more widespread adoption of electric vehicles by documenting where electric vehicle charge points exist across the UK.  In England, Scotland and Wales, from Cornwall to Clacton and from Southampton to the north of Scotland we know where you can charge your electric vehicle.  

The EV Network supports EV owners by two means:

  1. Firstly the EV Network aims to establish and maintain the most comprehensive listing of publicly available charge points in the UK.  This listing will be available for download from the public area of this website and thus be available to both members and non-members.
  2. EV network UK Map_small.jpg Recognising that the public infrastructure is small and will take years to develop to an adequate level, then EV Network members agree to provide access to their own charging points at their homes or businesses to other EV Network members.  This service is provided on an exchange basis - by becoming a member one agrees to make one's own charging point(s) available to other members for occasional use in exchange for which one receives access to other members' charging points.  Even if only half of the hundreds of EV drivers in the UK contributed their details then that could easily increase the number of charge points available in the UK by a factor of 10 to the benefit of present and future EV drivers.

Members currently have access to details of around 200 locations across the UK where an EV may be charged.  Each location has charging facilities for at least one vehicle, and in one case for over 100 vehicles.

The EV Network is endorsed by the UK's two largest bodies of electric vehicle owners, the Battery Vehicle Society and the G-Wiz Owners' Club, as well as by the Environmental Transport Association and GoinGreen distributors of the UK's best selling electric vehicle.  The EV Network is also recognised by the Department for Transport (DfT) as a resource for electric vehicle users.

For those considering installing charging facilities we offer two downloadable guides produced in partnership with the Battery Vehicle Society:

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